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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 by Randy Shillingburg

One of our Systems Design Specialists, Rose Roskovensky, came into my office this week, telling me of a situation she had encountered.

She had traveled to Romney last week to provide estimates for two customers who wanted to finish their basements.

Basement Systems of West Virginia offers the highest quality products at prices that are often much lower than our competitors'

One customer explained that he recently had his basement waterproofed by another company. She asked the customer why he didn't call Basement Systems of West Virginia to obtain an estimate. The customer explained that when he did an internet search for basement waterproofers, he simply called the company closest to his home, thinking that they would have the lowest prices. He explained that he paid the other company about $13,500 for the job.

She measured his basement and estimated that Basement System would have charged only $7,500 for the same job, saving the customer $6,000!

Needless to say, the customer was not happy he had overpaid for a waterproofing job, especially when he learned that our system would have been superior to the system that was installed!

When Rose arrived for her second estimate, she learned that this customer had already received an estimate from a nationally-known company to finish his basement. Rose also provided this customer with an estimate. After receiving the estimate, the customer had this surprised look on his face. He explained that the other company's estimate was a little more than TWICE the cost Rose provided him!

This week, while interviewing a customer from Morgantown, we heard a similar story. The customer explained that she received two estimates for waterproofing her basement. Basement Systems of West Virginia's estimate was about $4,000, while another company's estimate was $12,000 and they pressured her to write them a check right then and there. This Morgantown customer said that while Basement Systems of West Virginia didn't try to sell her anything she didn't need and explained everything, the other company tried to sell waterproofing in one section of her basement that really didn't need it. 

These are not isolated cases. Our Systems Design Specialists hear from customers nearly every day who say that our estimates are considerably lower than what they receive from other companies. They also hear about high pressure sales people with other companies who clearly do not want customers to get estimates from us.

Instead of having your basement or crawl space waterproofing, basement finishing or foundation repairs completed by the company located closest to your home -- or the company that can provide you with a quick estimate because they aren't busy -- why not give West Virginia's largest and most experienced waterproofing and foundation repair company the opportunity to save you money?

We would love to save you money. Give us the opportunity by calling us today at 1-833-326-6095 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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