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Thursday, October 20th, 2016 by Randy Shillingburg

If there are three words that best describe how Basement Systems of West Virginia provides solutions to issues in customers' homes, those words would be "quick," "affordable" and "permanent."

Customers are amazed that we can waterproof their basements in only a day or two.  Our science-proven solution can be installed very quickly, which allows us to lower labor costs.  We pass on those cost savings to our customers.  Our customers also appreciate that our solutions result in minimal disruption. Instead of bringing in very costly heavy equipment to dig out around a customer's foundation, we do most of our work inside the home, which allows us to waterproof a basement no matter what the weather might be.  As for "permanent," our system is designed so it can be easily maintained. Regular maintenance can allow our solution to work for the life of the home! Our solutions are quick, affordable and permanent.  Even when we finish a basement, we use materials that are designed to never rot, or grow mold or mildew.

Our crawl space and foundation solutions have been developed with the same three words in mind. Using the best products available in the market today, our solutions are designed to be installed quickly, which helps us to hold down labor costs.  Lastly, our solutions are designed to fix the problem -- the first time.

Even when we finish a basement, we do it quickly, which helps to keep costs as low as possible for customers.  More importantly, we use inorganic materials that will never rot, grow mold or mildew -- which means you can finish your basement once and never have to worry about it ever again.  Our inorganic materials may cost a little more upfront than cheaper drywall and wood studs, but once you add in the cost of tearing out drywall and wood studs every few years because of mold growth or a very musty smell, our solution can actually save you a lot of money -- and make the living space in your basement much healthier!

To learn more about all of our quick, affordable and permanent solutions, all you have to do is call our office at 1-888-619-1300 to schedule a free, no obligation estimate.  One of our highly-trained specialists will come to your home, answer all of your questions, and provide you with a price estimate while he's there! 

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