Winter Is Right Around the Corner

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 by Randy Shillingburg

Winter is right around the corner in West Virginia.  Now is the time to have those projects done at your home that you've been putting off for months or maybe even years!Winter is just around the corner in West Virginia.

Water in your basement?  Basement Systems of West Virginia can waterproof your basement, typically in only a day or two, at a fraction of the cost of traditional repair methods.  Why put up with wet, soggy socks another winter, when you can waterproof your basement permanently using the best technology available in the market today?

Would you like to finally turn that basement into comfortable living space?  Basement Systems of West Virginia can finish your basement with inorganic products that won't rot, grow mold or mildew. Finishing your basement is a lot less expensive than adding on a room or two to your home -- and it's less disruptive to your family!  

Is your crawl space drafty and cold?  Basement Systems of West Virginia can turn that nasty crawl space into a sealed, clean environment that will make your indoor air cleaner, your home warmer and less drafty. if your floors were cold last winter, why put up with it again this winter?

Do you have cracks or bows in your foundation walls -- or has your foundation sunk?  Basement Systems of West Virginia can fix these issues with leading-edge products! Your foundation will not fix itself. The freezing and thawing over the winter can turn a small bow into a large bow and possibly even cause your wall to collapse! Now is the time to act.

Do you have tripping hazards on your sidewalks, or has your driveway sunk to the point that you have to hit the gas a little to get your car into your garage?  Basement Systems of West Virginia can fix sinking concrete, including sidewalks, driveways and even basement and garage floors! Ice and snow won't make those tripping hazards safer this winter.

Believe it or not, it won't cost you even a penny to find out if we can fix your issue -- and how much it will cost.  Basement Systems of West Virginia offers free, no obligation estimates.  Call 304-754-2023 today to schedule your free estimate.


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