Energy Bill Cost Savings Can Help Pay for Crawl Space Improvements

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 by Randy Shillingburg

If you have a crawl space and your floors are cold in the winter, the culprit could be the drafty area under your home, which is letting cold outside air into your home.

Encapsulating and insulating your crawl space will not only make your home warmer and less drafty, but it can also save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills!This drafty crawl space is stealing energy dollars from this home.

Crawl spaces are notoriously cold in the winter.  Rim joists typically aren't insulated, and many homes don't even have fiberglass insulation between floor joists. Even if the floors are insulated, much of it has fallen down because of gravity and excess moisture entering the crawl space, making the insulation wet, heavy and ineffective. The crawl space doors and foundation vents leak cold, winter air into the area underneath a home, making homes drafty and driving up energy costs.

But there is a solution.  Call Basement Systems of West Virginia today to give you a free, no obligation estimate to seal all outside air from your crawl space and insulate your foundation walls.  As a result, your crawl space will be clean, your indoor air will be cleaner and healthier -- and the savings on your energy bills can even help to pay for this project! In addition to these benefits, your crawl space can be used as additional storage area.  

Two winters ago, we received a phone call from one of our customers. The message went something like this. "It's 10 degrees outside and my crawl space is 65 degrees!" The customer was amazed at how effectively our system works and how much warmer his home was on a very cold day.A Basement Systems of West Virginia crawl space is air tight and keeps your home warmer and your indoor air healthier.

Call today. With our free estimates you have nothing to lose -- except maybe that cold winter air entering your home and stealing your energy dollars! 





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