Why Should I Repair My Crawl Space?

Monday, October 23rd, 2017 by Elizabeth Freeman

Humidity levelIn a perfect world, you’ll never have to worry about repairing your crawl space. Living in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia, we don’t have that luxury. One day it’s hot, the next day it’s cold. The fluctuation in temperature creates high levels of humidity and moisture in your crawl space. That means your crawl space is the perfect breeding place for mold. So why should you care?



 Stack effect


 Your crawl space is built so your house has the proper air circulation throughout your entire home. The stack effect tells us that air from the crawl space is pulled up and then circulated throughout the rest of your home. That means when your crawl space is moldy and damp, you are more than likely breathing unhealthy air, dust mites and mold. Damp crawl spaces also create potential structural issues like sagging floors, dry rot, and pests in the crawl space. So how can you fix it?




At Basement SyComplete Crawl Space Systemstems of West Virginia, we have the best products to keep your crawl space dry. We use the encapsulation method, recommended by scientists to create a clean, mold-free crawl space. To encapsulate the crawl space we use a 20-mil poly-reinforced crawl space liner on the floor and walls. This will create a barrier that will protect your crawl space, prevent water vapor and humidity from passing through, and keep mold away. Not only do we use an extremely durable liner to protect your crawl space, we have sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and insulation that can be installed to create a complete crawl space system.

Investing in the best solution to repair your crawl space will give you peace of mind.

At Basement Systems of West Virginia, it is completely FREE to have one of our specialists visit your home! We take a bunch of pictures, measure your crawl space, make recommendations and provide you with a customized crawl space repair quote!

Our goal is to transform your crawl space into a cleaner, healthier space under your home. We provide solutions that last decades, helping you rest easy. The best time to repair your crawl space is right now! Schedule your FREE estimate now!

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