Basement Systems of West Virginia Case Studies: Bowing Walls in Parkersburg, WV

Thursday, April 28th, 2016 by Kate Maxwell


A Parkersburg homeowner contacted Basement Systems of West Virginia for a free inspection and estimate. The problem was that the basement was bowing and the entire basement was wet. The System Design Specialist determined that the basement wall needed PowerBrace on the bowing wall.  The most common reason for wall cracks is pressure from the soil ear the outside of the wall. When the force exceeds the strength of the wall, the wall cracks or breaks. Luckily, the homeowner understood that if they waited too long that the wall could experience a complete collapse. 


The crew at Basement Systems of West Virginia began work on installing the PowerBrace system. The patented PowerBrace System is made from heavy-duty zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fit to the basement wall height. They are secured tight against the wall with heavy-duty steel brackets that are anchored to the basement floor and floor joists. The steel beams will stabilize the wall in its current position. During the dry months, the beams can be tightened to continue to improve the wall.

In addition to PowerBrace, the crews installed the WaterGuard system along the inside perimeter of the foundation in the basement. WaterGuard is a piping system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without the worry of clogging from soils under the floor. It has large holes in the back to accept water and a flange with special segments. The WaterGuard intercepts water at the perimeter of the basement and drains it unseen safely away.

The basement is now dry and the wall is supported. The homeowners are beyond thrilled with the results of putting a waterproofing and wall reinforcement system in their home. Basement Systems of West Virginia gains another happy customer.

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