Basement Systems of West Virginia Case Studies: Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bridgeport, West Virginia

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 by Kate Maxwell


A homeowner in Bridgeport, West Virginia called Basement Systems of West Virginia because she was looking for a replacement for two existing sump pumps in her crawl space. When the Systems Design Specialist performed the free, no obligation inspection he determined that the crawl space had a lot of ground water and a humidity of 80 percent. All the excessive moisture could have potentially ruin the foundation of the home. The Systems Design Specialist knew what to do in terms of fixing the wet crawl space. CleanSpace was the only way to completely waterproof and encapsulate the crawl space the right way the first time. 


The crews started clearing out the crawl space of debris, so that they could begin to encapsulate the crawl space.  The crews began to install the CleanSpace system with insulation, drainage matting and a liner. The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System completely isolates the building from the earth. This dramatically reduces the humidity levels in the air which, when combined with sealing the outside air and dehumidification, will eliminate rot from the crawl space and make the living areas in the condominium more healthy.


The CleanSpace liner is carefully cut and installed. Small holes are drilled into the top of the crawl space walls, and nylon fasteners are installed to permanently secure the CleanSpace liner to the walls. The top edge of the CleanSpace liner is sealed to the walls with polyurethane sealant. All seams are sealed with special 4’’-wide sealing tape and sealant made exclusively for CleanSpace liners. The crews installed a Sani Dry dehumidifier and a SmartSump sump pump. The entire CleanSpace system works to provide a clean, dry, stable environment to protect the home from the foundation, up.

The result is an attractive, bright, tough, impervious liner and a healthy environment above. The owners are thrilled with the finished product of the crawl space. The owners no longer have to fear water coming into the foundation. 

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