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  • By Edmund A.
    Parkersburg, WV


    Customer Review

    By Edmund A.
    Parkersburg, WV


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  • "A homeowner in Berkeley Springs, WV was struggling with water in her crawl space and her current sump pump..." Read Full Testimonial

    Linda H. of Berkeley Springs, WV

    Customer Testimonial

              Linda H. called our office to thank Drexell and Robbie for doing such a wonderful job installing the products. She said they were very hard workers. Linda said Robbie and Drexell represented our company well. Linda had a SmartSump sump pump installed in her crawl space along with an UltraSump sump pump, and a LawnScape outlet. Thanks to Robbie & Drexell, Linda will have a dry crawl space. Linda was very pleased with the service, the products, the result and the two gentlemen who did the work. Basement Systems of West Virginia is pleased they could solve Linda's crawl space problem!
    Linda H.
    Berkeley Springs, WV
  • "Monica P. of Morgantown, WV was very pleased with her annual service appointment. She was so pleased, she..." Read Full Testimonial

    Monica P. of Morgantown, WV

    Customer Testimonial

              Monica P. of Morgantown, WV called our office to schedule her annual service appointment. Shortly after her call, our technician, Drexell, arrived at her home. Monica has a crawl space encapsulation system installed. Her system includes CleanSpace liner, a SaniDry dehumidifier, SmartSump sump pump, drainage matting, and an EverLast door. Drexell performed the annual service. This includes cleaning the sump pump, inspecting the CleanSpace liner, changing batteries and filters, and other things to maintain the system. Annual services are a great way to keep your system maintained and find any problems before they find you. Monica called our office and let us know how wonderful Drexell was. She said that he did a wonderful job and was very kind and professional. She said, "his work is superior and I am very pleased with the service he provided."
    Monica P.
    Morgantown, WV
  • "William S. of Morgantown, WV recently had two of our service technicians out to his home. William needed his..." Read Full Testimonial

    William S. of Morgantown, WV

    Customer Testimonial

              William S. wanted us to look at his dehumidifier to make sure it was running properly. We quickly set up an appointment for our service techs. Drexell and Antony arrive at his house and started working on the dehumidifier. William S. has a waterproofing system to protect his basement. He has a WaterGuard drain, TripleSafe sump pump, and a Sedona dehumidifier. William said that Drexell and Antony did a wonderful job! He said they were very friendly and he is happy with the service. He also stated that he is happy with his whole waterproofing system!
    William S.
    Morgantown, WV
  • "It was that time of year for DeEtta A. to get an annual service done on her system. She called the office to..." Read Full Testimonial

    DeEtta A. of Fairmont, WV

    Customer Testimonial

              DeEtta A.s service appointment went wonderfully. Drexell arrived on time to her home and was very polite, said DeEtta. DeEtta has a SuperSump sump pump system, and UltraSump, WaterGuard drain system and the IceGuard installed to protect her basement. She said that Drexell was very knowledgeable, informative and thorough. She told us that Drexell did a wonderful job and that he was dressed very nice. Basement Systems of West Virginia is pleased they could make DeEtta happen once again. We take care of our customers, even after we finish installing the products. Thanks to Basement Systems of West Virginia and our wonderful service department, DeEtta will continue to have a dry and healthy basement!
    DeEtta A.
    Fairmont, WV
  • "Carol was due for her annual maintenance so she called and made the appointment. Our service technician,..." Read Full Testimonial

    Carol S. of Buckhannon, WV

    Customer Testimonial

              It was time for Carol's annual service, so she called Basement Systems of West Virginia to set it up. Our service technicianm, Drexell arrived at her home and greeted the homeowner. Her waterproofing system includes a SuperSump system, UltraSump, WaterGuard drain system, BrightWall, and an EverLast window. Drexell tested the pump to ensure proper running, he also put new batteris in the WaterWatch alarm, inspected the BrightWall, flood tested the drain, and many other things to make sure the system is maintained. Annual Services are a great way to find a problem before a problem finds you. Carol called the office and said Drexell was very prompt, courteous, efficient, and neat. He was very informative. She stated that he was very helpful in finding and issue with her stairs. She said the whole appointment was great!
    Carol S.
    Buckhannon, WV
  • "Donna B. called our office after her service appointment with Drexell. She said complimented him and let us..." Read Full Testimonial

    Donna B. of Shinnston, WV

    Customer Testimonial

              Donna. B needed our service technician to visit her home to look at her pump. She just wanted to make sure it was running properly. Shortly after she called, our service technician, Drexell, arrived at her home. Donna B. has a SuperSump sump pump system in her basement. She was concerned that her current was not running properly. Drexell inspected the pump and decided it was time the homeowner get a new pump, this one had been running for 10 years! She said Drexell was wonderful at explaining how the pump works and wasn't pushy. Donna said Drexell was wonderful and did a wonderful job with everything during the service appointment.
    Donna B.
    Shinnston, WV

Drexell Rhoades from Basement Systems of West Virginia

Title: Service Technician

Hometown: Bridgeport, W.Va.

Drexell Rhoades from Basement Systems of West Virginia

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Waterproofing a basement in Fairmont, WV
    Waterproofing a basement in Fairmont, WV

    Homeowners in Fairmont, WV were struggling with water problems in their basement. They wanted to protect their basement and use the basement for storage without any worries. The homeowners were speaking with one of our customers and then decided to give us a call. We set up the free inspection and quickly after the specialist had a solution for the homeowners.

    Their waterproofing system includes a WaterGuard drain system, the TripleSafe sump pump system, CleanSpace wall, and a TrenchDrain. The WaterGuard drain system is a perimeter drain that is installed below the floor and out of the mud zone. The WaterGuard drain will collect water and send it to the TripleSafe sump pump system to be pumped out of the basement. The TripleSafe sump pump system provides three levels of protection. The TripleSafe is the most powerful pump we offer. The CleanSpace wall system is a great way to clean up the basement walls and provide a brighter wall. The CleanSpace will help keep humidity out of the basement. All the products we installed will work as a team to create a reliable waterproofing system.

    The homeowners are very happy and haven't had any problems with their system. Thanks to Basement Systems of West Virginia for helping another homeowner in Fairmont, WV.

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