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December 3, 2018 - Basement Systems of WV is hosting a poster contest in preparation for Radon Awareness Month in January.
January 2, 2018 - January is National Radon Action Month and Basement Systems of West Virginia is giving away 10 free test kits to help raise awareness for the dangers of radon.
June 23, 2016 - Water in basements because of heavy rains and flooding can cause serious health and safety issues for residents.
May 2, 2016 - Each year in America, homes are built with crawl spaces that almost guarantee rotting wood and unhealthy indoor air.
April 14, 2016 - Now that winter is over, homeowners should take a few minutes to check their crawl spaces. A few minutes can often save thousands of dollars in repairs.
December 31, 2015 - Basement Systems of West Virginia recommends that homeowners have their homes tested for radon during National Radon Action Month in January. Inexpensive test kits found at most home improvement stores can tell people if they have elevated levels of radon in their home. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.
December 10, 2015 - In the spirit of the holiday season, Basement Systems of West Virginia plans to complete a free basement, crawl space or foundation project for a West Virginia family in need.
November 5, 2015 - Cold floors and drafty rooms can be the result of an improperly or inadequately insulated crawl space. Now is the time to address these issues BEFORE winter arrives.
August 24, 2015 - Basement Systems of West Virginia has joined an exclusive club of dealers -- dealers that have installed 25 miles of waterproofing products -- making it one of the most experienced basement waterproofing companies in the world.
April 6, 2015 - The science of building homes has evolved from the outdated view that crawl spaces are pretty much "out of sight and out of mind" to the view today that a crawl space is an integral component of a home's health, energy efficiency and comfort.
December 29, 2014 - Ring in the new year with a healthy home. Basement Systems of West Virginia encourages you to have your home tested for radon.
December 11, 2014 - Basement Systems of West Virginia was featured in an in depth article in the Thursday, December 11, edition of the Charleston Daily Mail.
November 12, 2014 - Basement Systems of West Virginia President Ricki Edwardson leads a company in the male-dominated construction field and is proud to help others advance their careers in this field.
September 29, 2014 - Basement Systems of West Virginia is featured in the October edition of "Your Home," a publication of the Morgantown Dominion-Post newspaper.
July 1, 2014 - By knowing what to look for, homeowners can often head off major foundation problems that ultimately could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.
May 15, 2014 - Basement Systems of West Virginia has begun serving the oil and natural gas industry, providing foam trench breakers and rock guards that make pipeline work faster, cheaper and safer.
May 1, 2014 - Basement Systems of West Virginia, the state's leading basement, crawl space and foundation experts, will be featured in the Sunday, May 4, edition of the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram.
April 7, 2014 - West Virginia Public Radio aired a segment on the changing building sciences of crawl spaces on the April 7 edition of "West Virginia Morning" news program. Basement Systems of West Virginia initiated this media coverage so that West Virginia homeowners can be educated to make their homes healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient.
March 24, 2014 - Basement Systems of West Virginia conducted a free demonstration of its PolyLEVEL concrete lifting technology for Marion County Schools on the first day of Spring, March 20. In a matter of minutes, Basement Systems of West Virginia was able to move hundreds of pounds of concrete even with a curb. Over time, the concrete had sunk two to three inches, creating a tripping hazard for students and staff members.
February 5, 2014 - With basements flooding across West Virginia because of melting snow and heavy rain, Basement Systems of West Virginia would like to remind residents to exercise caution.
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