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Cold Floors, Drafty Rooms Can Point to Problems in Crawl Space

Cold floors and drafty rooms can be the result of an improperly or inadequately insulated crawl space. Now is the time to address these issues BEFORE winter arrives.

Clarksburg, WV - November 5, 2015

Most homeowners believe that cold floors and drafty rooms are inevitable during the winter.  But are they?

According to Ricki Edwardson, President of Basement Systems of West Virginia, if the home has a crawl space, those cold floors and drafty rooms are often the result of problems beneath the home. She said that once these problems are corrected, homeowners typically have more comfortable homes, lower utility bills and even dramatically improved air quality.

"Most crawl spaces built in the past 50 years have a thin layer of plastic on the dirt floor, vents on foundation walls and fiberglass insulation stuffed between the floor joists," she explained.  "Unfortunately, this outdated design allows large amounts ofBecause of excess moisture, this crawl space's floor joist insulation has fallen, causing very cold floors above and drafts in the winter. moisture into crawl spaces, especially during the summer, causing fiberglass insulation to become waterlogged and fall.  In most cases, the foundation walls are not insulated and the crawl space is not properly sealed, which allows large amounts of cold air to enter the crawl space and to make its way into the living space above."

According to Edwardson, most leading building experts now recommend encapsulating the crawl space and installing rigid foam insulation on foundation walls to make crawl spaces more like warm, clean basements than the dirty crawl spaces found under most homes.

"The advantages of an encapsulated and properly insulated crawl space are numerous," Edwardson explained.  "Not only is the home warmer and less drafty in the winter, but homeowners can save up to 20% on their heating and cooling bills because they are sealing out the cold air from the outside and keeping the warm, heated air inside their home.  In addition, the air inside their home is a lot cleaner and healthier, because things like dust and mold spores from their crawl space aren't making their way into the living space above."

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