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Now Is the Perfect Time to Check Your Crawl Space

Now that winter is over, homeowners should take a few minutes to check their crawl spaces. A few minutes can often save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Clarksburg, WV - April 14, 2016

Now that old man winter has relaxed its grip on the Mountain State, homeowners may want to take a few minutes to check their crawl spaces.

According to Ricki Edwardson, President of Basement Systems of West Virginia, a periodic check of a home's crawl space can often prevent minor issues from becoming major and very costly problems in homes.

"We recommend that homeowners check their crawl spaces at least a couple of times a year," Edwardson said. "After a long, cold winter, now is the perfect time to inspect your crawl space."

Edwardson said that homeowners can check for a number of issues,Excessive moisture in crawl space including leaking pipes, standing water, excess moisture, rotting or sagging floor joists, fallen insulation and even termite or rodent infestation.

"A homeowner can often discover a minor issue that would eventually have turned into a major problem if he or she hadn't taken a few minutes to check the crawl space," she explained. "If a homeowner finds anything that could be dangerous or unhealthy -- from mold to bare electrical wires and even raw sewage -- he or she should call an expert immediately."

Edwardson said that a home will often give "signals" to homeowners that it is having issues in the crawl space below.  She said that these signs include: sagging or "spongy" floors, cracks above or beside interior doors and windows, doors or windows that don't close like they did before, and unusual odors in the home.

"A home is typically a family's largest investment," she said.  "While aDoor Cracks Are Often Signs of Problems Below homeowner usually pays very close attention to the roof and siding, he or she often ignores the crawl space, which can result in just as much damage as a leaky roof or siding, but just isn't as noticeable -- until it becomes a major issue."

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