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Company Urges Residents to Exercise Caution When Entering Wet Basements

Water in basements because of heavy rains and flooding can cause serious health and safety issues for residents.

Clarksburg, WV - June 23, 2016

With basements flooding all across the Mountain State because of torrential rains, Basement Systems of West Virginia would like to remind residents to exercise caution.

"Residents should wait until water recedes before walking in flooded basements," said Ricki Edwardson, owner of Basement Systems of West Virginia. "Walking in basement water is always dangerous because all it takes is a little water getting inside an outlet or touching a wire or appliance to create a dangerous and potentially fatal situation."Water in the basement, when it comes into contact with electrical appliances, can be very dangerous

She said that if a resident decides to begin cleaning up before the water recedes, he or she should first turn off power at the main box, but only if they can do so without walking in or standing in water. According to  Edwardson, flooding in basements can also create other issues, including mold; damage to heating and air conditioning equipment; and damage to gas lines and foundations. She also explained that flood water may be contaminated with sewage, so rubber gloves and boots should be worn during any clean up to prevent health issues.

"Most people don't even think about these issues when they see water leaking into their basements, but they are serious issues" she said. "We want to make sure that residents are aware of these health and safety issues with the heavy rain we've recently had."

For more information about Basement Systems of West Virginia and how to address wet basement issues, residents should go to the company's website at

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