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Minor Changes in Home Can Signal Potential Foundation Problems

By knowing what to look for, homeowners can often head off major foundation problems that ultimately could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.

Clarksburg, WV - July 1, 2014

A crack above an interior door can be a sign of a potential foundation issue.


To the typical homeowner, a window or door that starts to stick is not a major concern, but to a trained foundation expert, these seemingly minor changes in a home indicate that a home's foundation may be starting to fail.


"Not every sticking door or window is the sign of a foundation issue, but these signs should not be ignored by homeowners," said Ricki Edwardson, President of Basement Systems of West Virginia. "By identifying problems early, homeowners can often head off problems that ultimately could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in foundation repairs."


Edwardson said that signs of potential foundation issues include sticking doors and windows, cracks in interior walls, especially above windows and doors, and gaps between the ceiling and the side walls of homes.


"As your foundation fails to hold the house where it should be, your house can bend and twist, which can cause doors and windows to stick, and cracks and gaps to form inside your home," she said.  "Although these signs may be caused by issues other than foundation problems, they are clear signals that you should not ignore.  Your home is trying to tell you something, and you should listen."


Edwardson, who has worked in the construction industry her entire adult life, heads Basement Systems of West Virginia and its subsidiary, Foundation SupportWorks of West Virginia.  Her companies focus on basement, crawl space and foundation repairs.  She is one of just a few females heading construction companies in West Virginia.


"We want to educate customers so they know what to look for -- before they become major problems," she said.  "There's nothing more disheartening than to see a homeowner spend their hard-earned money on a beautiful home and then have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a few years later on a major foundation repair that could have been fixed cheaply and quickly if they would have taken action at the first signs of trouble."





















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