WaterGuard Installation in Huntington, WV.

Huntington residents had struggled with their wet basement for years, when one storm in particular saturated their basement carpet beyond repair, they knew they were defeated; but not done fighting the fight.  They called Basement Systems of West Virginia for a free inspection and estimate to learn more about their flooding problem, and explore possible solutions.  After speaking with the waterproofing expert, WaterGuard sounded too good to be true.  WaterGuard is a discrete drainage channel that is installed along the perimeter/seams of the basement floor  that collects and leads it to their new SuperSump pump, which takes it up- out- and away from the home for good! 

The homeowners are thrilled with the work done and the quality products.  After the cement dries they'll be able to re-carpet and put new baseboards back up and have a fun, functional, and most importantly clean, safe and dry basement to live in again!

Wet Basement? Call Basement Systems of West Virginia today!  We'll take your basement from wet to dry, in the blink of an eye!

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