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Before & After: Encapsulating A Crawl Space in Moatsville, West Virginia

A homeowner’s crawl space in Moatsville, West Virginia was dark and damp. Basement Systems of West Virginia preformed a free no obligation inspection and estimate. The System Design Specialist determined that the crawl space needed CleanSpace. CleanSpace completely encapsulates the crawl space from the outside. By encapsulating the crawl space, the temperature remains constant, so condensation doesn’t occur.

The crews started the installation process on the crawl space. First, the crews will lay down the drainage matting, and then place the CleanSpace liner over top of that.

The homeowners are extremely happy with the CleanSpace in their crawl space. The crawl space is dry and critter free. Not only does that improve the foundation of the home, but the homeowners have saved a bunch of money on heating and cooling bills

Basement Waterproofing in Morgantown, WV

A homeowner in Morgantown, WV had problems with water getting in the basement. The homeowner wanted to install a reliable system to keep the water out. We installed a WaterGuard drain system and a SuperPump sump pump system. The customer is very happy with the products used to keep their basement dry!

Waterproofing In Morgantown, WV

A homeowner in Morgantown, WV was getting water in his basement during heavy rains. He knew he needed to find a reliable solution. He did a quick Google search and found Basement Systems of West Virginia. He called and set up a free quote.

Our specialist arrived quickly after the called and offered the homeowner a solution. We installed a TripleSafe sump pump system. The TripleSafe sump pump system is an extremely powerful sump pump. It is designed specifically for the amount of water a basement gets.

Thanks to Basement Systems of West Virginia, another homeowner in Morgantown, WV has a dry and healthy basement for years to come!

Sump Pump Upgrade in Fairmont, West Virginia

Sometimes the whole basement doesn't need an entire makeover, just a simple upgrade! Basement Systems is still here to help with the little jobs! Homeowners in Fairmont were ready for a sump pump upgrade and settled on the UltraSump from Basement Systems! The UltraSump has a heavy-duty Zoeller pump is designed for reliability & high-volume pumping; the smart charging system automatically maintains battery power an automatic switch that turns on battery-powered pump if primary pump fails, along with a battery-backup pump that removes over 11,000 gallons on a fully-charged battery.  The homeowners are thrilled with their upgrade!

Double Ice Guard in Fairmont, WV.

The IceGuard sump pump discharge line system allows water to escape from a sump pump discharge line if the pipe freezes or is blocked for any reason.  Even if the pipe outlet is buried under a foot of ice and snow, the water can escape, allowing your sump pump to keep your basement dry.

 The patented design of the IceGuard system automatically allows water to escape through its perforations; this unique feature provides an exit when pipe terminations are blocked (usually by ice or snow).  There are no valves to turn, hoses to attach, or anything for the homeowner to do at all! It's totally automatic!!!

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